Terms & Conditions

  1. If you entrust us your dog, please show us the pet passport.
  2. Please be honest about your dogs behaviors. This means especially dog encounters, hunting, recall, cats, children, general human encounters, heat, noises, trafic and former bite accidents. We do not mind if your dog has deficits, we do not judge that, but we want to be prepared to handle your dog in those situations accordingly.
  3. With us are also disozial – impaired dogs with (or without) a muzzle very welcome…as we said, we do not judge.
  4. If, despite careful supervision and compliance with safety standards anything should happend to your dog, we allow ourselves in an emergency to seek out the nearest vet. The treatment costs will be charged to the dog owner.
  5. For property damage caused by your dog in our care , we will charge you the deductible of our business liability insurance.
  6. Booked dog walking appointments have to be canceled 24h at the latest before. Otherwise we have to charge our service.
  7. Please present us the agreed amount in cash ready when we pick up the dog. We define a receipt in return.
  8. We do not like choke collars without stopping. We prefer a regular collar or harness with a normal leash ( no roll leashes). Other animal welfare relevant ” training aids ” we reject as well.
  9. If necessary , we clean your dog after the walk. Please provide us with a dog towel. If you want us to feed your dog we are pleased to do so. Just provide us with his food.
  10. We reserve us the right to publish photos of your dog (always without giving the owner !) To publish on our blog. If you do not agree, please send a written notice.